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Timeless Instruments

Timeless Instruments' School of Luthiery

The training at Timeless Instruments is designed to prepare students to enter the work force as a self employed luthier or as a skilled worker in a shop. Whether it is building, repair, road tech, store owner, or hobby builder the skills learned in this course save years of trying it yourself. Your understanding of creating the sound you want, balanced with the aesthetic appeal and the playability feel, the understanding of tool use & jigs, will all be a part of your finished product.

Timeless Instruments provides an equipped workshop and instructor to train individuals in the craft & art of lutherie.

The Core seven week program, focuses on an Acoustic Guitar Construction to present an overview of the Craft. Modular Options of Celtic Harp Construction or Resophonic Guitar Construction teach the student alternative methods of construction.

Upcoming Course Dates:

October 27 to December 12 2014
March 16, 2015 to May 1 2015
May 11, 2015 to June 26, 2015

Acoustic Guitar Construction Training $3400.00 Materials included.
Resophonic Guitar Construction $2600.00 Materials included.
Irish Celtic Harp Construction $2600.00 materials included.

Luthier Training Application Form

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There is a maximum of seven students per training session. The training is taught in a step by step procedure. Each step consists of:

  • Lecture, during which the students are expected to take notes
  • Demonstration of work methods
  • Actual planning and work of that step by the student

Build your own guitar in 7 weeks of hands on training. Learn design, parts, assembly, finishing and set-up
Tuition $2600.00
Materials $800.00
Accommodations $350.00 for 7 weeks
Total cost $3400.00 Cdn.
Lutherie Certification upon completion.

Upon successful completion of the core program. Acoustic guitar Training Students may apply for further training under the following options:

  1. Resophonic Guitar
  2. Celtic/ Irish Folk Harp

These options are designed to develop the student's knowledge and skills of lutherie.


  • Learn design and structural differences of a resophonic guitar to the core program by building a wooden Dobro resonator guitar or a Hawaiian Lap style guitar.
  • Upon completion of the second instrument, students will have a stonger concept of the acoustic and structural balances of an instrument.
  • The option runs for 7 weeks, with 20 hours of instruction per week. There will be lectures, consultation and guidance to aid the student in their work.
  • The cost for materials and supplies is $800.00 canadian and there is an additional charge of $1800.00 for instruction and shop overhead.
  • The total cost of the option is $2600.00 canadian.
  • Students will be evaluated on ability to anticipate and rectify acoustical and structural problems, design capabilities, skill with tools and materials and their knowledge of the completed instrument.


This option also runs for 7 weeks, with 20 hours per week of instruction, lectures and necessary guidance. The cost for materials is $800.00 Canadian and there is and additional charge of $1800.00 for instruction and shop overhead. The total cost is $2600.00 canadian.

Firstly the Student will study various different harp styles and sizes. Theory consists of understanding the critical relationship of the sound box, pillar and bow angles. Also learn how to focus on structural and accoustical balance on the Pillar and Post. The student will also learn joining, bracing, stringing, tuning and finishing.

Students may opt for further modular training in an area of their interest to further develop their skill & knowledge base. These include:

Acoustic guitar:

Build a second guitar of a different genre. With new methods of construction i.e. cutaway, finishing with colors, alternative neck join. This allows the student to solidify and expand the process already learned & add the extra step of designing & planning the complete instrument before constructing. 7 weeks.

Arch - top or Flattop Mandolin:

This is another instrument altogether learning the carving of the top & back plates to expand the knowledge of arched instruments. 7 weeks.

Arched-top Guitar:

An extension of guitar building with a challenge to carve the plates. Arch tops create sound different than Flat tops. Neck joins & color finishing can also be explored. It is a big project & needs time to do it. 9 weeks.


Anyone wanting to develop their repair skills can pick the number of weeks to do the specific jobs they have in mind. Consultation with the Instructor about the amount of time necessary will help plan this out. Common repairs include Neck reset, top replacement, Crack repair and broken head stocks.

Electric Guitar:

Design, or copy your favourite . Bolt on or neck thru. Learn color finishing techniques. Design the electronics for the sound you desire. Allow 3 to 5 weeks.


Either an Appalachian (2 to 3 weeks) or a Hammered dulcimer (4 to 6 weeks)

Irish Bouzouki or Cittern:

Octave mandolin or Mando cello These are all similar instruments with slight differences to fit the audio range, Build with a tail piece or fixed bridge, 7 weeks.


Timeless Instruments is licensed under the Private Vocational Schools Act of Saskatchewan, through Ministry of Education.

David Freeman has been teaching lutherie since 1986. In addition to the eclectic experience of instruments and construction methods, David has training in personal communication skills. He teaches individuals in a way they will learn better. Questions are encouraged to clarify your understanding. You expand your knowledge as you learn to apply new methods and concepts.

There is a maximum of seven students per session keeping student teacher ratio low. A lecture discussing the particular step covers choices for that procedure. A short demonstration visually walks you through the procedure & tools used. Then each student has their own workspace to choose the variables they design into their instrument. During this time individual instruction applies when required. Each student chooses different options, opening discussion on how this affects the whole instrument!

Design is taught throughout the course. Students create patterns to use in their current build. These could be saved to be used in the future. You learn how the subtle changing of a line changes the appearance of the instrument. Aesthetics, purpose, and function are discussed in the design process.

Parts are constructed from instrument grade sets. A good selection of woods allows each instrument to be unique. Wood comparison and properties are discussed & experienced so you make informed choices.

Hand tools are mainly used, but power tools are also incorporated to familiarize and demonstrate different methods of construction. Tool sharpening & maintenance are part of the curriculum. Assembly of the parts brings the instrument together. Alternative methods of assembly are discussed and can be explored in subsequent training courses.

Finishing options are spraying Lacquer using both compressor & HVLP systems.

French polishing is a hand option. Oil can be used to finish the neck.

Set up is an important step to playability. This is the final procedure to making a fine instrument. Set up is the most important aspect to ease of playing. It is the most common repair making it invaluable to understand.

Cutaways and color finishing are excluded from the initial course. These can be learned in a second course once the student has working knowledge of the basic steps of construction. Then options can be discussed with an understanding of the consequences throughout the process.

By attending Timeless Instruments training your knowledge & skill back ground can be developed to a level you can work as a luthier for income. This is a certificate program. The instruments you make will sound the way you designed, Look appealing to the players such that they will want to buy them.

Historically, Timeless Instruments graduates have developed careers and vocations as self employed luthiers building & repairing. Some have worked in small productions or large factories. Some have opened retail stores that are unique catering to customers with a knowledgeable understanding of the instruments they sell. The hobby builder can take the time to make exquisite & extraordinary instruments. Some, who only built one instrument here, still dream of making a second one day. For many, it has been a life changing experience.


Timeless Instruments offers students a modestly furnished two story house for renting while they attend the course. The house has complete kitchen with dining facilities. It has a stove, microwave, 2 fridges & a freezer. There is a clothes washer and dryer, a Bathroom with a shower. There are three bedrooms, two have two beds and a larger room has three beds. Students should bring their own bedding & towels. The rent for seven weeks is $350.00 CDN. If students wish to rent other accommodations there are other options in Tugaske as well.

To inquire about these classes, drop us an email at, or call us Toll Free at 1-888-884-2753 (TUG-ASKE)
Or fill out our online Luthier Training Application Form

David Freeman, Luthier

P.O. Box 51
Tugaske, Saskatchewan, Canada S0H 4B0
Telephone: 1-888-TUGASKE (1-888-884-2753)


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