Ordering a Custom Built Instrument

Your new acoustic instrument begins right here.

David has a selection of high grade and seasoned woods that have been held for special builds.  In his skilled hands you can gain an instrument of rare and unique quality. 

Commissioning a build from David begins with a dialogue between luthier and player about the sound, playability, and aesthetic of the instrument.  Once we have a good idea of what the player is trying to achieve, David will use his technical knowledge and skill to acheive those goals.  While our focus is on guitars, but David's knowledge of acoustics enable him to build many acoustic instruments such as mandolins, bouzukis and harps.  If you are looking for something in particular, email us and ask,  We will build Your dream instrument. 

The video to the right is a helpful starting point to help you define the sound you are looking for in your instrument.  Consider which sound qualities are most important to your taste and play style.

You can contact us by emailing david@timelessinstruments.com or phoning 1-888-TUG-ASKE (884-2753)

This page is still under construction, but what you will find here is a gallery of woods that have been reserved specifically for commissions and examples of instruments that have been built for other customers to help inspire you as to what can be achieved.  Happy dreaming!



My Custom Guitar

David Essig Model Resonator

Irish Bouzouki

Whiteboy Slim Resonator