The Soundwedge from Timeless Instruments.

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The Prairie Oasis of Lutherie. 

Dedicated to educating people in Lutherie skills , supplying luthiers, and custom- building musicians exceptional sounding musical instruments.  with " Action like the Speed of Light "

Since 1980, David Freeman created Timeless Instruments.
        a one stop shop for luthiers and musicians!

In 2011, His son, Seth joined the company,  We offer Personalized service!

Four Guitar Construction courses are taught a year, You design, construct & build, evolving and researching acoustics in unique instruments that push Sound and Playability,while maintaining Traditional Aesthetics.


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Our YouTube Channel has a collection of videos about Timeless Instruments.  You can learn about the school, or the guitars we have made, and even hear them being played.  There is also a very good video defining sound qualities to help you define what an instrument sounds like.

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Introducing the Soundwedge!


The latest design by David Freeman has evolved over the past years.  By expanding the depth of the body on the bass side (right), the guitar has volume that compliments the bass frequencies.  This also contracts the treble side to compliment the treble soundwaves.  The wedge creates more seperation, balancing out the bass, mid, and treble responses.  Each Instrument also features an armrest bent into the soundboard (left) to accomodate the wider bass side.  You don't notice the width!  They are comfortable to play and they sound excellent.  Over the next weeks you will get to see and hear more about this innovation, but for now you can check out more pictures and features at our Soundwedge Page