Estate sale

This product is bought from an estate. They are  a one time only items. once sold , will not be restocked. The pricing is relative to quality, age and availabilty. there may be more than one estate's items listed here.


Bass Mahogany neck

Mahogany neck/ scarf join head 2.25" nut to 2.625"end 
 Head drilled for Bass tuners.head thickness25/32"
Veneers BL/WH.020"ea. rosewood .125"
 nut 11/16" thick  end 3/4"thick
Ebony Centre strip 1/4" w/ Maple purfling
 Neck length 16.1/8" nut to end.

Mahogany Neck / Spanish heel

mahogany neck with Ebony 1/4" centre strip .
12 7/8" nut to body join. 2 3/8" wide
Head thickness 7/8" veneers Bl/Wh .020"ea rosewood .125"
Spanish heel, rough shaped, heel semi carved.



Padauk & Zircote neck

PAdauk neck with Zircote centre strip
3/4"x 4 3/8"x 30 3/8"

E.I.Rosewood Backstrip w/white edge

.130"x 3/8"x21"
1/4" rosewood with 1/16" white purfling on both sides.

4 E.I.Rosewood purfling

Sold as a package of 4
purfling strips .060"x.100"x32" ( one is only 27")


Englemann Spruce bracing

1''x 2''x22' reduced 4.5$per inch to $4/inch

1 only $8.00 each

Classical bridge finished

2 only This one is slightly wider 29mm, than the other 27mm  . Both have bone strips on the tie block.
strings spread 2 5/16"  one   68mm on the other !

Englemann Spruce top #67

AAA grade of Tight vertical annular rings

1/2"x 8.5"x 24" ONLY has checks along one side . SO usable wood is 7.25" to 6.625" width. needs to be split in 2 bookmatched
Vertical is 75degrees

Englemann spruce top #64

Annular rings run 18 to 8 Vertical is 90 degrees   Clear.
needs to be split for  Bookmatch

1/2"x 8.75"x22"

Englemann spruce top #63

Annular rings run 16 to 8 per inch Vertical 90 on tight rings Leans to 75 on wider side
1/2"x 8.75"x22" Clear