Estate sale

This product is bought from an estate. They are  a one time only items. once sold , will not be restocked. The pricing is relative to quality, age and availabilty. there may be more than one estate's items listed here.


Bloodwood FingerBoard


Slotted to 25.5" scale  24 frets. dimensions 5/16" x 2.625"  rounded edges.

Bass Mahogany neck

Mahogany neck/ scarf join head 2.25" nut to 2.625"end 
 Head drilled for Bass tuners.head thickness25/32"
Veneers BL/WH.020"ea. rosewood .125"
 nut 11/16" thick  end 3/4"thick
Ebony Centre strip 1/4" w/ Maple purfling
 Neck length 16.1/8" nut to end.

Mahogany Neck / Spanish heel

mahogany neck with Ebony 1/4" centre strip .
12 7/8" nut to body join. 2 3/8" wide
Head thickness 7/8" veneers Bl/Wh .020"ea rosewood .125"
Spanish heel, rough shaped, heel semi carved.



Padauk & Zircote neck

PAdauk neck with Zircote centre strip
3/4"x 4 3/8"x 30 3/8"

Blood wood binding 5 only

sold as a package 5 strips .093"x.250"x32"

E.I.Rosewood Backstrip w/white edge

.130"x 3/8"x21"
1/4" rosewood with 1/16" white purfling on both sides.

4 E.I.Rosewood purfling

Sold as a package of 4
purfling strips .060"x.100"x32" ( one is only 27")


Englemann Spruce bracing

1''x 2''x22' reduced 4.5$per inch to $4/inch

1 only $8.00 each

Classical bridge finished

2 only This one is slightly wider 29mm, than the other 27mm  . Both have bone strips on the tie block.
strings spread 2 5/16"  one   68mm on the other !

Englemann Spruce top #67

AAA grade of Tight vertical annular rings

1/2"x 8.5"x 24" ONLY has checks along one side . SO usable wood is 7.25" to 6.625" width. needs to be split in 2 bookmatched
Vertical is 75degrees