Tasmanian Tonewoods RARE , Limited Offers

Timeless Instruments Is Now the North American exclusive dealer of Robert Macmillan's Tasmanian Tonewoods.

Tese rare Tasmanian woods are sustainably cut. They are exempt from any cities restrictions.  These woods are ALL about RESONANCE !!!  They ring and sustain and respond. They are mainly dense , though The Queensland maple is lighter.
    For soundboards , Huon & King Billy are light  but very stiff. Celery top is extremely stiff yet Very Light !!!

 The woods are individually listed with pictures , Once sold, they are gone, until another shipment can be procurred.
There are some flaws left on the sets for the Luthier to work around  and still have  the excess valuable wood for smaller projects like inlay work. a full description of the flaw is included on the file. This is often usually trimmed away to present a " flawless " product. How ever the  cost of this Rare wood , Begs you get every tidbit possible. A skilled Luthier Knows how to work with , or around flaws in wood.
" How well You hide your mistakes  reflects your skill ! "
If you need guidance in this , Please consult with David Freeman. His 40 plus years experience has many options you can deploy.

The use of solvents enhances the figure , when taking pictures,  however it also affects the wood , raising grain & potentially warping  , so different angles have been used to show the variaty of Figure, If you have any questions of  a specific set.. please ask.
    Click on the species above or below to go to the page you want. If No response... The page is still being developed> !