Tasmanian Myrtle Figured ; Nothofagus Cunninghamii ;

Mid density wood Myrtle  has  a quick reponse tap tone, with  a good balance thru the frequencies,and good overtones. Bends good. works well. The red, orange ,brown  ,hints of pink colors blended with the curl figure make an attractive aesthetic back .


set 274 Tasmanian Myrtle figured

set 274 has 8.5 -9" wide back  the sides are 32.25" long x 5 .5' wide  mid length is a knot that reduces width  to 4.75" that could be stabilized with CA
There are a couple small worm holes on the back. easly filled. The figure is solid thru out.

set 273 Tasmanian Myrtle figured

set 273 sides are 5.375" x 31.5" useable  of the 32.5"  due to an end check ( stabilized to prevent movement)

The back has strongre figure on one end than the other.

set 272 Tasmanian Myrtle gtr

The sides on this set have a knot as a feature in lower bout(24"length) the edge knots have 5 .125" good wood as the full side width is 5.375" x33"  Back is 8.5" x 21"

set 271 Tasmanian Myrtle Gtr set

sides 5.375" x 33" 2 knots  the deepest leaving 4" good wood at 27.5" length . Fit it in the bottom bout. End check on the back comes close to the dread shape. smaller body or cutaway eliminates that .

set 269 Tasmanian Myrtle gtr

exceptional color & figure. Dark brown to red. side 4.75" x 35 clean  Back has end check that leaves lots of room for  adreadnought. CA stabilized

set 268 Tasmanian Myrtle Gtr

sides 6.25" x 35.5" back 9"x 21.125" Clean
could be an acoustic Bass set. solid flame.

set 267 Tasmanian Myrtle

excellent figure ! side 34" x5.5" at 32 " the  end graft feature knot leaves 5" good wood. Back is clean wide 9" x 21" great figure

set 266 Tasmanian Myrtle

BEST SET !  excellent figure slightly less at one end sides 5.75" x 35" clean back 8.5" x 21"

set 265 Tasmanian Myrtle

BEST SET!  sides 5.5"x 35" back 8.5" x 21"
consistent figure . An end check makes a dreadnought only fit on one edge,