Native Olive wood Guitar sets

Native Olivewood; Noteagea Ligustrina Is one of the rarest woods of Tasmania. Exceptionally dense  and stiff , one should make hte back thinner than usual, for it will still ring acoustically .
The figure of this wood, attracts the viewer with Brown lines creating bookmatched patterns  subtle curl and chatoyance thru out.
4 sets ONLY  in this initial Offering of Timeless Instruments exclusive Tasmanian Tonewoods dealer


set 242 Native Olive Guitar

Set 242 guitar back 7.75" x 25.5"  sides 4.5"x 35.5"
These trees grow small, Making guitar sets hard to find. If you need to learn about adding wings to create width, Talk with David

 One small sap pocket that is CA for stability.

Set 243 Native Olive GTR

Set 243 Back 7.75"x 25.5"  Sides 4.5"x 35.5" sides have a check at 11" reducing width to 4" ( stabilized w/CA)
 a Bit of Burl fgure along the edge for the adept wood worker!

set 244 Native Olive Gtr

Native Olive Guitar set 244 Back 8.25"x 29" Sides 4.75"x 35"
Great patterning, good curl,  Dense wood, Rings solid. loud , sustaining ! Rare!

set 245 Native Olive GTR

Native Olive Gtr set 245 Back 8.25" x 29" sides 4.75"x 36"
Patterns in figure. curl figure, Dense , resonant, Sets this wide are rare, This wood is rare.