Black Hearted Sassafras Guitar sets

There is a big contrast in the swirls of Brown to Black lines, outlining the olive colored Medular ray speckled  backs and sides  of this wood. The browns tend to be denser, yet the wood is strong and dense throughout.
    I have built one instruments with this wood. an om size set  and the sides had a fracture which I will show you the ways I worked around these features to make a usable dreadnought size GM-50. This instruments will be listed once all the woods are. I found the wood to bend good, It planes and sands well. and the tap tone is responsive.

      The prices are what It cost me to bring to Canada minus the shipping , The original agreement of distibutership was not Honored,  For 2 years , I've held this wood off the market trying to replace  the spalted sides and fractured pieces as well as recapture the distrubutership. to NO avail. These are one time offerings, I will not be getting more wood from Tasmanian Toneswoods.

set 335 Black hearted Sassafras finished guitar by David Freeman

this set had checks on the sides so I built a dreadnought out of an OM set by adding wings on the lower bout. I elevated the side with binding cutoffs to eliminate more of the check.  The binding covered both the space on the top edge and the check on the back and on the cutaway. This guitar is still being built , it is at the finishing stage, it is for sale . The top is Celery Top;    which are also for sale on the Tamanian one time sell page. It is dense wood and not as stiff as I was told by the supplier, though the vertical leans a great deal on this top .  THIS guitar has a rolled top arm rest, a side port with sliding door. an offcet soundhole with 24 frets and cutaway access!  A TIMELESS DESIGN

set 334 Black hearted sassafras

 My notes say don't list due to knots on sides . I asked for these to be replaced,, Supplier refused, 2 years later ...
sides 4 7/8" x 35.75" knot at 23" could make  a thin line , These have been stabilized with CA by Timeless.
back 8 5/8" x 23.5" good variation in streaking browns n blacks !

set 333

sides 4.75" x 35"  greta figure
Back 9.25" x 24" alot of color and figure 
A great value !

set 332 Black hearted Sassafras

Back 9.5" x 22.5" to 24" one has end checks.

sides 4 15/16"x 34.5"  3.75 at 31.75" due to live edge
 Great figure

set 331 Blackhearted Sassafras

back 9 5/16" x 23 7/8" curl on yellow /white
Sides 6" x 34.5"  Good Bookmatch Great set,, if they were all  so Clear !

set 330 Black hearted Sassafras

Back 9 .375" x 23.75"  Cool Horned pattern
sides 4.5 " x 28.5" good wood due to end checks.  limited to 4.5" to 3.75" with knots ana edge check. I asked for this to be replaced,, Supplier refused. Great curl. A challnge to build ! with.

set 329Blackhearted sassafras

sides 4.75" x 34" one sides has corner chipped off at 30.5" angles from 4.75 to 3.5"
Back 7 5/8" x23.5" Speckled Leopard pattern, color variation

set 328 Blackhearted Sassafras

Back 8 5/16" x 22.125" exceptional figure & color
sides 6" x 33.5" super figure and color variation

set 327Black Hearted Sassafras

Some splating on sides 4.75" x 33.25"
Back os 7.75" x 23.5" If you want to make  a dreadnought wings could be added from the upper bout area . Specled Leopard pattern on Back .

set 326 Black Hearted Sassafras

good V join on Back 8.75"x 22.375"
sides Dark color  5.5" x 35.25" some pinhole knots to fill

set 325Black hearted Sassafras

sides change drastically , this is what this wood does. ( or slipmatched)   4.5" wide x 35.5long
one has a knot on the light color edge.
Back ; great bookmatch  Great set.

set 324 Black hearted Sassafras

 Sides are 4.75" wide 35.5 long some splating  strong orange browns.
Back has good color mix

Set 323 black hearted Sassafras

 Sisters to 321 & 323  Splated sides 4.5" wide  good wood for 30" a check on one sideonly   I asked for a replacement . supplier refused,

set 322 Black hearted sassafras

Good back width and color. Sides are 4.5" wide  and spalted.  The length is 34"  so you should get out of a check on one end, that The heavy wax  was put on to hide.

SEt 321 Black Hearted Sassafras DONATED TO GAL AUCTION


good browns , The sides have lots of spalting , so special care is needed to make it work .  This is one of 3 sets of sides  I tried to get replaced, due to the spalting . Bend with care ! 4.5/8" wide x 32.5long back 8"x 22"