Yellow Cedar tops for Weissenbrons

These tops are cut from the same flitch. The annular rings are very tight, 25 to 35 per inch. very straight. This wood is stiff ! It is aged about 20 years, before timeless got it.

set 661 Yellow cedar

 extra thick .270"  extra wide. Tight grain, aged, sapwood on edge.

set 662 Yellow Cedar

extra width , Sapwood along the edge, very tight grain  thickness is .210"  Choices.

set 663 Yellow cedar

This fits a full weissenborn with different options and extra wood.
tight grain & stiffness. Aged 20 plus years.

set 60 Yellow cedar

Too narrow for a weissenborn tios could be used for ukeleles or mandolins. OR add wings to create  a weissenborn top .