These Tasmanian drop top for electric guitars have exquisite figure. any voids you encounter people fill with colored epoxy or another fill to accentuate the character.
This is a one time offer once the top is sold it will not be restocked due to conditions described earlier.

Flamed Mahogany EH 13

Rare flamed mahogany . Fine uniform curl .  aged from   EH estate .
.380" x 9.25" x 24"  solid wood  The knots need no filling

Cocabola set 161

Black/ brown strip running along centre.
one side .360" thick  hte other is .580" thick 7"x 22 5/8" long    a small strip of sapwood on the corner
rough sawn , No planed surfaces showing

From Timeless aged stock bought in the late  1980s before cites restrictions.

Red Myrtle Burl set 9

dealer fits a gibson body on it  16" across the lower bout  on the left side along centre where the darker brown is   drops to .200" other wise it is .290"  with 23.5" length  Lots of checks to color fill The FIGUREis curl and birdseye. The curl runs across on ends  with a radiatin or burst in the centre Knot area.  See the back picture !

Red Myrtle.Burl set 8

Birdseye and Curl figure Some check and knots for color filling.
.300 x 9.5"x 21"  there is a thin spot .200 slanting to .300 for 1.5" from edge in back side lower bout Dealer missed that irregularity .. Disappointing , how ever it is wide enough to cut it out,

Banksia Set 2

.300"x 7" x 20.5"
Banksia? look it up The figure is fine curl in a angled curve  The knot could be missed depending on your body shape. Good deal !

Tasmanian Blackwood curl figure set 1

consistent regular curled figure Much Like the Acoustic set Timeless has.  Look at the back picture, this side is planed.  .380" x 9" x 20" large enough to miss the outlying knots. Dealer wrote tele on it... There is room for other shapes.

Tasmanian Blackwood Curl set 11

Swirl wavy figure. Picture is rough sawn , not planed to show better the figure. narrow spot 7" widest 8" without sapwood. . 23 5/8" long .345" thick.

Tasmanian Blackwood curl figure

The dealer claims a gibson size though the narrower bokmatch runs out on lower bout (he didn;t draw the pattern there<<??) 7 5/8" wide the match is 8" wide in same lower bout spot..?  Some knots need filling , small worm holes on the sap wood.  the sapwood is about 1" wide in lower bout area . CLEARANCE, SALE

Tasmanian Blackwood suoer figure set4

Sister set to 3 has 18" to 19" length along short side .320" thick  Solid resonant planed surface.wood.

Tasmanian Blackwood Flamed set 3

3.20" thick High flame Length on short side, 18"  movein and 19" is easily gained,  Tasmanian blackwood has great resonant qualities

Rare Musk Tele set 6

large enough for a tele This set has small checks  that will need filling >270" thick  Only two set of Musk in stock. Clearance sale. !

Rare MUSK Set 45

Clear of Knot, Large enough for Big Gibson . Mix of birdseye and curl figure. Planed surface.330" thick. Lots of extra wood for veneers.

Black hearted Sassafras Gibson set 10

Rare Black Hearted Sassafras  For   gibson body size 
.230" thick.  Some filling on the oval knots in lower bout.

Huon Pine Tele set 17

Solid Birdseye figure  small void on bottom bout.
3/4" x 15" x 17"   Huon Pine Is reclaimed wood in Tasmania.

Huon Pine Tele set 15

one void on the edge of hte bout  It extends  abit deeper on the underside. The birdseye is very dark brown , There is a curl swirl drop figure in the lighter areas ! 
3/4"x 15" x 17" edge check shown clears the body .

Huon Pine Tele set 13

Clearance sale!
the swirl Birdseye has lots of movement, some epoxy filling migt be necessary depending on your shape. 3/4"x14"x 17"
Huon Pine is reclaimed many stumps are sawn hence the odd shapes. !

Huon PINE Birdseye figure GIB16

Huon pine is all reclaimed wood as new wood is restricted cutting. the density is low making a lighter body .
Big enough for a Gibson SG or 335 3/4" x 18 x 22"