This quilted maple  has been drying in a shed on the wwest coast since early 2000s.  I have just begun to cut it into instruments sets. It is dry and full of figure. If you want drop tops  I can do that , If you want Cello sets  I have pieces large enough to do that. inquire if you want something custom sized, !

set 826 Quilted Maple

Best quilt  Canadian Big Leaf Maple !  Check out the close up of the back to see how planing brings out the figure from the bandsaw cut.  Sides are wide , Nice

set #143 Quilted Maple gr SOLD,,,

Check out the side angle photo !  for the full quilt effect ! Good figure good wood!  Aged & dry ! big enough for  a jumbo

set 423 Quilted Maple

Great figure on this set  The one side has a flaw that limits the length to 30" unless you can use  a30" side. or a 3" treble depth !

set 460 Quilted Maple

 This is  a medium quilt. There is a flaw on one side limiting the length to 30" unless you make it treble end narrow. Note the difference in a planed surface on the back versus the rough bandsaw cut, that hides the figure.. It is there. !