South American mahogany is Honduras Mahogany , the genus name being the same  Sweetania Macrophylla.    This genus is found in other places in Asia and Polynesia, some of which is plantation grown . It varies a great deal in density and color, Hence the industry has dyed it brown when finishing. Some builders when finishing in figured wood, stain  it , so the stain penetrates the wood to highlight the figure even more.  Heavier density will add to more resonant distinction. The lighter wood sets have  a sweeter mellower  tone.

Set 11785 SA Mahogany

 These backs have 9" width  for those extra jumbo sets.  Heavier density . Straight grain .

Set 11783 S.A. Mahogany

Mahoganii sweetania  from South America. Backs have a hint of figure to create good Chatoyance,

Set 11782 Mahogany

Straight grain . Timeless has had these boards for over 10 years.

Set 11780 S>A> Mahogany

Good Vertical cut set. Straight grain  Backs  are denser

set 5071 SA Mahogany Ribbon figure

limted quantity. held since 1997.  rough sawn doesn't show the figure as well as planed, so it gets better !  Density is  heavier .
thick solid wood,

SA mahogany Set 5099 ribboned figure

limited supply, this was acquired in 1997. the angle picture  shows the figure the front on doesn't  Bear in mind  this is rough sawn wood and the figure gets better once you plane that surface.  Good density . Uniform thick wood.

SA Mahogany set EH499

estate product  aged sinde mid 90s. there is a check on the backs  that is super glued  and the second pictures show a dreadnought pattern misses the check at 20"   Long , wide set.

set EH34 Mahogany SA

this set of Mahogany has a dark brown line running thru the back & sides to highlight !  From an estate it was bought in Mid 90s and stored well in a repair shop. If you want to build, but are doing repairs, Be sure to build some !