This is a limited supply of Very consitent curl figure. Once sold it is gone. Both 1" and birds beak stock. Good South American mahogany with solid density, no light fluffy stringy quality.  Most of the pictures have been taken dry , so if the fgure is difficult to see. Trust , it is there. The cover photo shown is wet with Alcohol, a method I try to avoid. All necks have been cut with a 90degree vertical grain ( quartercut). 
The density averages 34lbs per Cubic foot.
   Unfortunately no heel stock was cut in this figure. TIMELESS has  a good supply of heels. Also limited supply of 2" stock is available for stacked heels on inquiry.  The rarity of this figure, it seems sacreligious to cut it into Heels !
   There are 4 Bird's Beak necks listed  of different thcikness. Read American Lutherie Volume #102 Summer of 2010 for  a great article on carving a Bird's beak join like the older Martin Guitars!  Guild of American Luthiers published this.

BB26 curly Mahogany Birds beak neck

1.375" thick for the mid volute! of a bird's beak head join .
Same consistent color curl and vertical, straight grain .

BB24 Curly Mahogany Birds beak

1.25" thick for a  smaller volute  consistent curl , color, vertical and straight grain !  See American Luthierie Volume 102 SUmmer of 2010 for a great article on carving Bird's beak joins

BB25 Curly Mahogany Birds beak neck

1.5" thick for Big Bird's beak carving  The close up picture is to give  a better view of the curl, how ever it doesn't do the figure justice!
Straight  vertical grain .

BB23 Curly mahogany Birds beak

1 1/2" thick  this neck is meant for bird's beak carving. The figure and curl and grain are as good as the thinner necks. !

M16 curly Mahogany Neck

consistent color , vertical , straight grain !

M18 Curly Mahogany Neck

 Here the dark streak runs the entire length of the board. Most of it will be gone once the neck is shaped>>>

M17 curly Mahogany Neck

The dark streak runs diagonal on this neck.  Curl remains consistent!

M15 Curly Mahogany Neck

There is a darker streak on this picture and it seems to be thru the whole board  , The grain remains straight the entire length of the neck.

M14 Curly Mahogany Neck

curly figured vertical neck .  A video would better show the figure as it changes as the light reflects the figure.

M13 curly Mahogany Neck

Straight, Vertical neck material . Lucky 13!

m12 curly Mahogany Neck

1"x3"x24" stock planed to show the curl as best a picture allows, the figure is consitent in all these necks. 

M11 curly Mahogany Neck

Mahogany with curl this good comes thru seldom. Neck is 1'x3"x24"
Heels in figure are not available though a good selection of heels blocks is available.

M10 mahogany figured Neck

1"x3"x 24" figured mahogany neck, Solid curl over all. If you want  heel blocks Rather than cut a second neck into stacked heel stock, Timeless reccommends you look at our heel section . We also have some 2" thick stock that could be used for stacked heels Unfortunately the figure may not have this curl.