Guitar Tops

All Soundboards are 2 piece and bookmatched unless stated otherwise.  If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.

Size (approxamite):
  3/16" x 8.2" x 24"
Classical: 3/16" x 7.8" x 20"

Sitka Spruce Set 26

Set 26  has a bit of bearclaw . thickness planed to .160" x 8.5 x 24"
Grade AAA

Sitka Spruce, Bearlclaw Figure - Guitar

Sitka  is grown in west coast Canada. The bearclaw figure interupts the straightness of grain. Some people think this is detrimental to the sound quality of the top , Others like the beauty of the figure, saying it has very little sound affect. Good vertical cut grain ( quartersawn) and tightness of grain ( lines per inch across the grain)  are more important for good soundboard response.
 Some of the bearclaw is diagonal short and wiggly, some straight across the grain, wider and longer. It changes a lot from side to side in the bookmatch as most bearclaw figure is not deep or consistent in the depth of the board.  some bookmatching does happen !

Sitka Spruce - Guitar

Sitka Spruce comes from the BC coast of Canada.  the grading is relative to the lines per inch , and the consistency of that across the width of the board. How well the vertical cut is, We aim fo r90 dereges to the width  wiht up to 15 degrees lean as it reachs the outter edge ( wider lines edge) . The straightness of the lines over the length. Color is not  a big concern though if this matter to you . Please inform us.
Please select your desired grade.

Sitka Spruce Top - OM size

 Full width generally, suitable for an OM Guitar or smaller instrument, Has some flaws to be worked around.

Sitka Spruce Top - XL

AAA Quality tops that are 3/16" x 9 1/2" x 24" wide for extra Large Instruments.

Engleman Spruce

Please select your desired grade and size

One Piece Western Red Cedar Top

24" x 15" x 3/8" Available while quantities last

Red Cedar - Guitar

Please select your desired size and grade

Douglas Fir - Guitar

We are currently out of Douglas Fir tops. Sorry . There is a small supply of one piece douglas fir tops available . Inquire for mor informations Most of them are suitable for OM or smaller. Douglas fir is rther heavy for Classical instruments. !