Guitar Tops

All Soundboards are 2 piece and bookmatched unless stated otherwise.  If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.

Size (approxamite):
  3/16" x 8.2" x 24"
Classical: 3/16" x 7.8" x 20"


Sitka Spruce, Bearlclaw Figure - Guitar

Sitka Spruce - Guitar

Please select your desired grade.

Sitka Spruce Top - OM size

8 1/2" wide, suitable for an OM Guitar or smaller instrument

Sitka Spruce Top - Watermarked

These are AAA quality, but have some light black water stain.  This discoloration can be easily covered in a sunburst or by coloring the top.  There may also be a sap deposit to deal with.  If you are willing to put the work in these are fantastic deals
Only $9.00 per set
Orders of 10 or more can get them for $8.10 each

Sitka Spruce Top - XL

AAA Quality tops that are 3/16" x 9 1/2" x 24" wide for extra Large Instruments.

Engleman Spruce

Please select your desired grade and size

One Piece Western Red Cedar Top

24" x 15" x 3/8" Available while quantities last

Red Cedar - Guitar

Please select your desired size and grade

Yellow Cedar - Guitar

Please select your desired grade and size

Douglas Fir - Guitar

Please select desired size and grade.