Mandolin Tonewood: Backs and Sides

 Flat back and Arch back Mandolin wood is often Maple, though Timeless offer you some other species for variation and alternatives. There is more quilted waiting to be cut if you want to Carve that figure!
 If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.

Quilted Maple Mandolin Back & sides.set 105

back 3/16"x 6" x 17.25"
sides 3/16"x 3.875" taper to 3.125" x 26,875"
Big leaf , good quilt figure

 all quilted wood has aged 10 to 20 years before Timeless acquired it.

Flame Maple - Flatback Mandolin

Ancient Kauri - Flatback Mandolin

Please select grade.

Mahogany - Flatback Mandolin

English Walnut, Flatback Mandolin - Set 911

Flame Maple - Archback Mandolin

These sets would also be suitable for a Violin, please indicate which instrument you wish to build as it will determine the sides you recieve.

Flame Maple - Archback Mandocello