Weissenborn and Dulcimer Tonewood: Backs and Sides

Some are back & sides only some are back, sides & top of the same species. Tops may not be bookmatched to back. 
Spruce Top must be purchased separate. Available tops require Wings taken out of upper area.
Prices reflect the Number of pieces included.

 If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.

Dulcimer sets are only back and sides.


Dulcimer: Back: 3/16" x 4" x 32"
                Side: 3/16" x 2 1/2" x 32"

Curly Tasmanian Blackwood Weissenborn set

Sets are listed individually

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Figured Mahogany Weissenborn

Excellent tonal qualities in this wood. Back sides & tops match
Two sets only . This mahogany is dense and resonant.
The figure is a large flame. Stains very well.

Mahogany Weissenborn set

 Back sides & Top  one set only .

Cucumber Magnolia Weissenborn set

temporarily sold out

Flame Maple - Dulcimer

Black Cherry Weissenborn set SOLD

Two sets available. Back and sides only
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Curly Maple Binding weissenborn 45.5"

cut at 45.5" length 1/4" width  .090" thick 
for Weissenborn Binding