Ancient Kauri, Whitebait on Flame

So you like aged wood? How’s 45,000 years sound? Ancient New Zealand Kauri is being recovered from swamps where it has been preserved from before the last ice age. These sets feature “White Bait in waves”. White bait is small minnows they net on the west coast of New Zealand & eat as a delicacy. The short curvy lines depict the minnows, the changing Light reflection is the flame ‘AAA’ sets feature the best figure.

The ‘AA’ sets have a less White bait lines but the flame or " waves" is still intense figure.

 If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.


Set 955 - Kauri, Whitebait

Set 494 - Kauri, Whitebait

Set 220 - Kauri, Whitebait

Set 231 - Kauri, Whitebait

Set 232 - Kauri, Whitebait

Set 235 - Kauri, Whitebait

An Kauri White bait

strong white bait figure