Ancient Kauri, Flame

There is  a good explanation of Ancient Kauri under the white bait section.  basically this wood got buried in a bog some 45,000 years ago and protected from oxidizing or rotting. It is light density wood and bends very easy. Once in shape it has a good resonance and stiffness, Kauri is like  a pine, and called that by some.
       The flame figure of these woods  is large and bold,with excellent chatoyance. Staining highlites the figure and relfection .
        It doesn't plan well due the erratic runout. sanding and scraping are hte order of the day . Timeless offer thickness sanding service.
     If it does separate on the figure while working it fill with Dark epoxy and level it will blend into the other dark lines found in the wood.

If you are curious about our grading system, you can find an explaination right here.

Set 214 - Kauri, Flame

strong flame  Has some checks leaving clear room for  aclassical or OM size body . Sides are 4 3/16" wide.

Set 201 - Kauri, Flame

Sold More coming soon

Set 202 - Kauri, Flame

Sold until more arrives  early January or late December