3 Piece Backs

When David Freeman was a teenager he asked a salesman in a music store about why some guitars had a three piece back.  "It makes them sound better" was the answer he got.  David was skeptical, but this encounter inspired him to start exploring how guitars are made and the different design choices someone can make. 40 years later here we are!

Do three piece backs sound better?  That's impossible to say definitively, But they can sound great, and they do look unique and stand out.

Each of these sets has been individually selected and matched together to create a stunning look with a pleasing tone profile.  The shown configuration is just an example.  You are free to arrange them however you decide.

3piece curlyTasmanian Blackwood Back & sides with curly Maple centre

This bookmatched Tasmanian Blackwood Back & Sides is contrasted and Highlighted with a stunning flamed  Maple Centre piece.

 The tasmanian Blackwood has good Curl figure, to offset the Quilt.