Tuners, Endpins, and Harp Parts

35P 510P Gold with Black Button

For steel string  slotted head. 16:1 ratio

Ebony Endpin

Ebony Endpin with Mother of Pearl Dot

Metal Endpin

Available in Nickel, Gold, or Black finish.

Gotoh SGL 510 Tuner

1:18 Gear Ratios.  These tuners are very smooth, Tune up tune down , These tuners are accurate., ! and affordable

Gotoh SGL 510Z Tuners

1:21 Gear Ratio for easy fine tuning.

These have the smooth, no-play action of the 510 series, with a higher gear ratio for even more control.

Gotoh SGS 510Z Tuners

1:18 Gear Ratio.

These tuners have a mini style housing for lighter smaller heads. still the smooth 510 movement.

Gotoh SG381-01 Post Tuner

Standard tuner of gotoh  16:1 gears. these tuners are easy and smooth to turn.

Profile Post Tuners

3x3 nickel tuners 1:14 fully enclosed .

Grover Slotted Head Tuner

Grover Locking Tuners Gold

1 only

Grover Ukulele Post Tuners - Chrome

Gotoh UK 12 Ukulele Post Tuners

1:14 Gear Ratio

Nickel Finish with White Button

Gotoh 35G450 Classical Tuners

 White button, gear ratio 1:14

Grover Bass Tuners - Chrome

Zither Pins - Blued Steel

These are used for tuning Pins. Threaded on the lower side with a square head for turning.

Tuning Wrench for Zither Pins with T-handle

Tuning Wrench for Zither Pins, Wooden 8" L-Handle

Tuning Wrench for Zither Pins, Plastic 6" L-Handle

Harp Bridge Pins

Available individally or as a set of 100

smooth unthreaded , fits  a 3/16" drilled hole

Harp Eyelets

Small or Medium, set of 100.

Harp Eyelets, Large

Available individually or as a set of 100.

Dulcimer & Uke straight post tuners.

the post has two string holes , one if used for a slotted head on e if used on a post head. nickel only

Gotoh UK700 ukeleles tuner

Nickel , Ivoroid Button , gear ratio 1:15

Gotoh MA40 Mandolin tuner

A style mandolin tuner, Pearloid Button,  1:14 ratio