Tuners, Endpins, and Harp Parts


Ebony Endpin

Ebony Endpin with Mother of Pearl Dot

Metal Endpin

Available in Nickel, Gold, or Black finish.

Gotoh SGL 510 Tuner

1:18 Gear Ratios.  These tuners are very smooth and do not have play. 

Gotoh SGL 510Z Tuners

1:21 Gear Ratio for easy fine tuning.

These have the smooth, no-play action of the 510 series, with a higher gear ratio for even more control.

Gotoh SGS 510Z Tuners

1:18 Gear Ratio.

These tuners have a mini style housing

Gotoh SG381-01 Post Tuner

Profile Post Tuners

3x3 nickel tuners 1:14 fully enclosed .

Grover Slotted Head Tuner

Grover Locking Tuners