Buzz Feiten Acoustic & Electric Guitar Retrofitting Training

Lutherie is an ever changing art form. One of the great aspects of a Lutherie School is cultivating a lifetime of learning. There is great research and new ideas coming out all the time and Timeless Instruments is helping to continue that process by passing that knowledge on as much as we can.

Timeless Instruments is now offering Buzz Feiten Tuning System retrofitting for both electric and acoustic guitars. David Freeman; Luthier took training in January 2006 for this intonation adjustment. David is NOW certified to teach the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. There will be courses offered at the end of regular construction courses .

The costs for retrofitting a guitar are as follows;

  • Electric Guitar Buzz Feiten nut retrofit & saddle adjustment $180.00 CDN
  • Acoustic Guitar Nut & Saddle retrofit $380.00 CDN
  • Buzz Feiten Certified Training for retrofitting Acoustic Guitars, $1000.00USA. This includes;
    1. You will be trained at Timeless Instruments in both the Level I & Level II. Upon passing the Training, you will be fully authorized with Buzz Feiten Design Inc. ( no additional cost) once you contact them.
    2. You will be listed on their website in your home region as an Authorized Retrofitter. This gives you benefits of the marketing of their website.
    3. You will have access to their Marketing materials for your shop.

This retrofit results in a Guitar that has the strings harmonically intonated to each other. This makes the strings work together rather than individually as in standard compensation. The result is more harmonics & overtones, And ALL the chords sound in tune and balanced.

For information on getting this done to your favorite guitar, offering it to your customers or taking the training, contact Timeless Instruments; David Freeman

For more information about the BFTS go to

To do the training you must be a capable luthier. You will need to provide a guitar that has had the Nut retrofitted & have 2 saddle slot filler blanks made ready to be inserted. You need to know how to do this work in order to be capable of the retrofit training.

Course deadlines are 3 weeks prior to the start date. Courses will usually follow 7 week Guitar training session.


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