Steel String

Discover our latest design: The Soundwedge

The Models:
The small body DVK , Only 18” in body length, this guitar offers quick attack,
sharp clarity to each note, and clean chords This model works as a resonator, this model allows a 14 fret body join and a cutaway.
The DVK is popular with finger picking blues players

The GM-03 is a mid size model, to maintain clarity, yet adding volume and bass response this model is an all round guitar for the Player of many genres

The GM-50, jumbo is the model for big sound
With a tighter waist and rounder lower bout of an attractive appeal,
this adds complexity to the fundamental for a full volume and dynamic sound

We list and build a variety of other models, including a Dreadnought, 
a parlour model design, vintage or unusual custom shapes.





Big warm sound with clarity, and strong dynamics. Unique one piece douglas fir top creates that sound.

Large body creates a full sound. Action like the Speed of Light neck and Fingerboard!

Top; one piece Douglas Fir , tight grain, strong red color. Warm response
Back & sides; Ribbon mahogany.strong light reflection, adds to full warm sound.
Neck, Mahogany. 
Fingerboard & Bridge ; Madagascar  rosewood.25"scale21 frets
Bone nut & saddle; Buzz Feiten intonated.

Ancient Kauri DVK Model

SOLD If you want a model of this Type  Inquire for a custom Build !
#211211 Ancient Kauri DVK model; small body big sound.
The DVK delivers a very Punchy sound with the articulation of a small body.

Can be Played at Vintage Guitar & Amp in Saskatoon SK.

Top;Sitka Bearclaw
 B&S; Ancient Kauri (NZ) "WhiteBait " figure  
Fingerbd& Bridge; Ebony Bound in Curled Maple 25" scale 21 frets
 Bone Saddle & nut Standard intonation .
Mahogany Neck .Gotoh 510 tuners 14 fret join.
Binding;  TI signature Quilted Maple.(limited edition)

Timeless Parlour-c Guitar

This guitar was the return to the florentine Cutaway for me, instead of a Venetian.. with lots of pearl trim. and a big sound in a little guitar. Inspired by the late Rob Girdis, I built this tribute Parlour in his honor.

Top; Englemann master (20 yr aged)
B&S; E.I. Rosewood (15 yr aged)
Neck; S. A.  Mahogany
Fingerbd& Bridge; Black Ebony bound in yellow trim & ebony
25" scale 12 fret join 22 frets.
Binding Signature TI quilted Maple trimed with MOP on top,around fingerbd & rosette.
Slotted head Waverly tuners

Jade Kauri Dreadnought

Tribute to New Zealand ! Ancient Kauri from the bogs, Carved "T" Jade from the rivers of New Zealand. Full sound from Timeless

 Contact to set an appointment.

#218090     Top;Sitka spruce Bearclaw
B&S ; Ancient Kauri. ( new Zealand) with "Whitebait figure" super chatoyance.
Neck; Cherry   Fingerbd & Bridge Zircote
Buzz Feiten intonated. Strings work Harmonically together. balanced sound
Head stock; Carved NZ Jade "T"  Inset in a "T" cavity for light transparency.

Full dreadnought sound.

Golden Eagle

Spectrum of coloration, long sustain, strong attack, good articulation maintaining the dreadnought blend when chording
Cutaway access 24 frets
BuzzFeitan intonation  
Contact  for appointment to play it

An exceptional Deal.

Top; Sitka spruce
B&S E.I. Rosewood
Neck; Mahogany         
Fingerbd & Bridge E.I.Rosewood 24 frets offcet soundhole cutaway access.bound in Curled Maple
Bone nut & saddle Buzz Feiten intonated.
Head  Inlay "Golden Eagle" in Black MOP  w/ gotoh tuners

DVK - Engleman and Rosewood


  A very lively guitar! 
The Master Engleman top delivers a punchy quick response with in your face volume.
Loud, Clarity, response!

Best materials, Class aesthetics.

Master Engleman Spruce top. Aged East Indian Rosewood B&S, 24 fret  curly maple bound Ebony fingerboard & Bridge. bone nut & saddleBuzz Feiten intonation,
Quilted Maple binding, trimmed with Green purfling.  Mahogany Neck. Gotoh 510 Chrome tuners.


Sunset Monarch 24 fret Offcet Cutaway

Tired of " Sunbursts" ,  I  hand rubbed/painted a Saskatchewan sunset landscape in aniline dye on a holly back. A first.  A true work of art for both the musician and the collector.
 Warning this guitar is LIGHT 3.25lbs, the dynamics are responsive to the most delicate player's gestures.

Top; Red Cedar,  Rosette; Herringbone colored .offcet soundhole 
B&S White Holly; Burstin' Saskatchewan Sunset. Padauk Sunset end graft.
Fingerbd & Bridge; Ebony, 24 fets Deepest cutaway of the offcet series! FULL Access
Neck English Walnut  " v" neck
Head inlay sTlyized T in sunset pattern;MOP, Gold MOP , red abalone, Ebony.
Built to be light, all the strings make it sound instead of moving mass. The sun is down Time to party!

Soundwedge GM-03

The first in a new series by David Freeman
FEATURING: New Soundwedge with rolled top armrest, offcet soundhole, 24 frets ,deep cutaway access Sliding door sideport!  These need to be played to appreciate ~

Balanced response bass to mids to trebles. 5 Octaves !


Top;Master sitka spruce, rolled armrest for comfort playing under the strumming arm. Offcet sound hole add to the monitor for the player as well as allowing deep cutaway access keeping a balanced look.
B&S; E.I. Rosewood , side port w/ sliding door for monitoring, tone adjustment, & directional projection
Neck;AM.Bl.Walnut curled figure
Fingerbd & Bridge; Zircote. Bound in KOA  24 frets 25"scale Deep cutaway
bone Nut & Saddle; BuzzFeiten intonated.
Head. Slotted Zircote veneers front & back, Gotoh tuners Inlay MOP T


GM-50 Curled H. Koa Soundwedge

This is one of the best curly Koa sets I have seen!
The depth of the figure is outstanding
The soundwedge defines the Bass, & Treble side depth for better seperation, Creating room for the Mids.
Hearing is believing !  
Playing is exhilerating

Top; Sitka spruce aged since 1990, Offcet soundhole monitors player . Rolled top armrest , keeps it light but comfortable for the wide Bass side. Rosette Hexagon ,5 species strips with ebony triangles
B&S; curly Hawaiin Koa. Sliding side port for monitoring & tonal adjustment.Adds fullness to the sound, changes projection direction..Deep Florentine cutaway for access to 24 frets, 5 octave range!
Neck;Am.Bl. Walnut figured. Binding Curly Maple
Fingerbd& Bridge; Zircote Bound in Curly Maple 25.5" scale  24 frets full access.
Nut & Saddle;Bone BuzzFeiten intonated

Figured Mahogany GM-03 - Soundwedge

Figured Mahogany reminicent of good quilt figure. This guitar has a full range response and all the features of the soundwedge series
The GM-03 is smaller than a dread, Larger than an OM. 
Designed originally as a crossover between the two.
Full sound , comfortable to hold

Top; Master Sitka Spruce Aged 1990. Rolled armrest, offcet sound hole Florentitne cutaway
B&S; Figured Mahogany Tobacco tinted, Wedged from larger Bass to Narrower Treble sides. Side port with Sliding door for Sound projection & tonal response variation." why would anyone play with it closed?"  Cuz you might want to mike it! out front !
Binding; Curly maple
Fingerbd & Bridge. Zircote. Bound in Curly Maple 24 frets 25.5 scale
NUT & Saddle Bone Buzz Feiten intonated.
Head Slotted Gotoh Tuners INlay MOP "T" w/ Lightning bolt "Action like the Speed of Light"