Ordering a Custom Built Instrument

Your new acoustic instrument begins right here.

David has a selection of high grade and seasoned woods that have been held for special builds.  In his skilled hands you can gain an instrument of rare and unique quality. 

Commissioning a build from David begins with a dialogue between luthier and player about the sound, playability, and aesthetic of the instrument.  Once we have an understanding of what the player is trying to achieve, David will use his technical knowledge and skill to acheive those goals.  While our focus is on guitars, David's knowledge of acoustics enable him to build many acoustic instruments such as mandolins, bouzukis, and harps.  If you are looking for something in particular, email us and ask,  We will build Your dream instrument. 

The video to the right is a helpful starting point to help you define the sound you are looking for in your instrument.  Consider which sound qualities are most important to your taste and play style.

You can contact us by emailing david@timelessinstruments.com or phoning 1-888-TUG-ASKE (884-2753)

What you will find here is a gallery of woods that have been reserved specifically for commissions and examples of instruments that have been built for other customers to help inspire you as to what can be achieved.  Happy dreaming!


   Body Size and Shape

Choosing a Body Shape and size is important, not only to the comfort of the instrument, but to the sound as well, Larger Guitars will contribute to more bass response and fluid rounded notes.  Smaller designs will create a quicker attack, greater articulation, and  more treble response.  Below is a description of the models we build and why you would choose each one


Our largest body size, 16" across the lower bout for big warm bass tones.  Coupled with the balance of the Soundwedge design, this guitar is warm and sweet and still brings great definition to individual notes


A standard Dreadnought shape is available for a more traditional look.  Warm tones and bass response come from this design.


An OM design modified by David Freeman to expand the lower bout for extra volume and a little more bass response,  This model is very versatile for going between fingerstyle and strumming..


A more standard OOO design with pleasing curves.  Quick response and good clarity


A compact shape that brings a fast attack and a bright crisp sound.  The DVK is also our shape for resonators.


Our smallest design (13.75" across the lower bout.  This model prove that little guitars can get big volume.  Fast attack and articulate notes, this guitar can keep up with the fastest fingers

"10" Classical

Based on a Torres design and 2 of David's previous shapes, the 10 is a blend of three designs putting the best of them together. The 10 is designed to create a balance between the bass and treble response.

In addition to any of the wood we regularly offer, we have wood set aside specifically for custom orders.  These soundboards are of excellent quality and will make expecially fine instruments

European Spruce

This soundboard comes from Bachmann Tonewoods in North Italy

European Spruce

European Spruce



Red Spruce


Spanish Pine

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce



Any tonewood that we sell can be used, but we also have these sets reserved just for custom
builds. This wood is of select quality and much of it has been seasoned for well over 10 years in our posession as well

African Blackwood


European Maple

Brazilian Rosewood

East Indian Mahogany

East Indian Rosewood

Figured Mahogany

Flamed Maple

Hawaiian Koa


Purple Heart

South American Mahogany

Spanish Cedar



Custom inlay is available, David is



David Essig Model Resonator

Irish Bouzouki

Whiteboy Slim Resonator