Commisioned art by David Freeman


Lent & Easter

Celebrating Lent & Easter

commissioned by Emmanual Lutheran Church ,Moose Jaw

scenes depicting Jesus life from the devel's temptation to passover, Gethsemane, disciples and Crucifixion.

Carved Wood.


Mobius strip winding thru the wind and flames, The Dove, The Word , the Wine and Bread.
Commissioned by Emmanual Lutheran Church . Displayed during Pentacost in the foyer. The mobius strip is the endless cycle of life moving thru the generations supported by mainstays of the Christian Faith.

Advent and Christmas

The Four weeks of Advent , Hope , Peace, Joy, and Love leading to Christmas

Commisioned by Emmanual Lutheran Church. On display in the Foyer during advent and Christmas.

Each Candle can be back lite for contemplation of the theme of the week,  leading to Christmas , extending to the beginning of Advent.

My Cup Runneth Over

Overflowing goblet spills into Grapes and Wheat for communion

private commision.

Hawaiin Koa goblet spills red glass wine forming into Purple Heart graes on brass stems. Basswood wheat heads blow in the wind on brass stems. low relief sculpture on Holly background.

Raven Head

Raven  head in Yellow Cedar.

private commission

Raven is portrayed in many different stories of The People. This is one image of Raven.

Hand carved by David Freeman