Learning Paths

Many of our students observe that our seven week course opens the door to the world of lutherie, and gives you the foundation to navigate that world.  And any student that enrolls for extended learning is always surprised as just how much more they get out of the extra training.  The often comment on how long it would have taken to learn these lessons on their own.  These learning paths are designed to help you reach your goals, saving you years of learning by trial and error.  Working in line with our apprenticeship model you will receive training and guidance.  As you progress, you will be giving more initiative to direct your own learning.

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Advanced Guitar Construction

2 Modular Courses: 14 total weeks

Building a second guitar has severa major advantages for students. 

  1. By repeating the process, students cement what they have already learned.  establishing not only cognitive, but also developing muscle memory with their tools.  You are also able to ask new questions once you have the complete building process in perspective.
  2. You are able to refine your notes and expand on them: filling in information for various building techniques and  addressing issues that may arise.
  3. You will build on those foundations with more advanced techniques.  Whether you build a second guitar or one of our optional courses, your knowledge and skill development in a second course will replace 3 or 4 built instruments on your own.


 The Repairman's Path

3 Modular Courses: 21 Total Weeks

2 construction courses, 6-8 weeks of repairs

Knowing how to build does not mean you know how to repair an instrument, and vice-versa.  Understanding both will make you a better buildling and repairman.  Instrument repair can be a lucrative business, one that many students want to enter.  This path will turn you loose armed with confidence to begin your own business with knowledge that is flexible and innovative to tackle any challenge.



The Career Path

4 Modular Courses: 28 Total Weeks

If you are serious about the craft of lutherie, this is optimal way to start.  Courses are modular, so while it is designed to be completed in one academic year, you can attend on a schedule that accomodates you.  Depending on your chosen direction, you will be challenged to push your skills each time, increasing your breadth and depth of knowledge.