Tasmanian Blackwood, Select

Select Tasmanian Blackwood gets its grade name because the boards are clear of serious flaws.  There may be light figure in the odd set, but if you are looking for figured wood you should check out our Curly Tasmanian Blackwood.  You won't be disappointed.

Click the set you like to examine further or purchase, all sets are sold individually on a first come first serve basis.

Dick Phillips and his excellent Tasmanian Blackwood build:

David and Co.,
I thought you might like to see what the completed guitar kit looks
like. You provided some lovely woods and I am really excited about
how well the guitar turned out. It is beautiful and it sounds
wonderful too. Thank you again for selecting such exceptional wood
for the guitar kit. Also the templates and waist markings were very
Thank you again for a wonderful kit. I made it for my wife and she
thanks you too.