East Indian Rosewood, Seasoned Dark

These sets have been seasoned  in Canada, since the early 1990s, for over 25 or 30 years.  They have been set aside for their exceptional color match of the back and sides and the dark color of the sets.  Sets are sold individually. 

 East Indian Rosewood  has long been a standard instrument wood, sought after for its fast response and full tonal resonance. It bends well though there is resistance due to its inherent stiffness, it seldom breaks or cracks, if bent properly ! It Planes , sands, and scrapes well. Its density will dull your tools, Keep sharpening!  Wipe the join areas with Methyl Hydrate before gluing to remove surface resins that inhibit glue penetration.

These set were brought to Canada, Pre cites restrictions, Timeless cannot ship East Indian Rosewood outside of Canada.
Timeless acquired a large number of seasoned sets and holds them for Canadian builders!  More will be presented as the pictured ones are sold.
     If chosing thickness option , we use a thickness sander with 60 grit paper, so allow .010 to .015" over desired thickness , so you can scrap these scratches out.

Set F23 -306 East Indian Rosewood

Very straight grain , Vertical , some color variation in brown on both the Back & Sides , Aged !

set F229 East Indian Rosewood.

 Slight v ti the back for dramatic grain join . Vertical cut, the sides have a light streak of brown for a highlight . Aged

Set F121 East Indain Rosewood

straight grain , Vertical grain . aged

set F80X East indian Rosewood

Straight vertical grain . Lighter brown , Less resin content, aged !

set F 76 East Indian Rosewood

straight , uniform , vertical grain , aged,

Set F72 East Indian Rosewood

 more vertical grain , Very straight , Lighter brown tones , Aged !

Set F423 East Indian Rosewood

Lighter brown color,  Vertical cut straight grain , aged 0ver 30 years in this country!  >pre cites<

Set F991 East Indian Rosewood

lighter brown color, straight grain , aged since 1990 

Set F306 East Indian Rosewood

Back has very straight grain , A live edge on the top bout.  Aged since 1990, Lighter brown color!

Set F22 East Indian Rosewood

Aged in Canada since 1990 > pre-cities< lighter brown tones, less resin content, Straight grain .

Set F34 East Indian Rosewood

1990 imported  aged since then. lighter tones to this set. the Lighter browns  have less resin content, so More air in the pores for resonance.

Set F 321 East Indian Rosewood

Very straight grain, this wood has been in Canada since 1990.
30 years aged. !

Set F112 E I Rosewood B&S

Still Listing the wood purchased from the 1990 stock. This wood is well Aged Good for dreadnought od anything smaller. Great value.

Set 109 East Indian Rosewood

strong straight lines with strong Brown color  This set is aged since 1990s

Set 492 East Indian Rosewood

Aged since 1990s this rosewood is Deep brown without the common purple.

E.I.Rosewood set 285

Straight,  1990 stock aged

E.I.Rosewood set 275

straight contrasting brown & black lines

East Indina Rosewood Set 109-86

 light sap wood on one side !  1990 stock aged

E.I.Rosewood set 4423

contrast balck & brown 1990 stock aged

set 712 E.I.Rosewood

some angle towards centre, 1990 stock aged

set 621 E.I,Rosewood

1990 stock aged, straight grain

E.I.Rosewood set 425

1990 stock aged,  One edge is thin at .150" leaves lots of room for dreadnought   for sure a OM  regular thickness is roughly .188''

set 411 E.I. Rosewood

Dark lines along middle of back  1990 stock aged !

set 234 E.I.Rosewood

straight dark grain 1990 stock aged

set 162 E.I.Rosewood

1990 stock , straight even grain  well aged