Curly Tasmanian Blackwood

Acacia Melanoxylon: Tasmanian Blackwood is dense and resonant woodfrom the forest of Tasmanian. It is grown sustainably , so it can cross borders without cities intervention.

The Sound: Tasmanian Blackwood has a bright resonant response like rosewood. It has hte sweetness of mahogany & Koa. with the colors and figure akin to koa.

It is sustainably cut in Tasmania. It can be shipped across all borders freely.  Planning for the future.

The curl tends to be tight and uniform with colors of red, brown, and black.

Click the set you like to examine further or purchase, all sets are sold individually on a first come first serve basis.  We do our best to pull sets off as they sell and appreciate your grace in advance if the set you desire is unavailable when you order it.  Thank you.

Sizes (approximate):
Back - 3/16" x 8.2" x 24"
Side - 3/16 x 5 1/8" x 32"

*Please Note: We have scraped a section of one board to highlight the figure.  This figure will be even more apparent as you clean the board up.