Custom Crossover GM-03

  • Description

This is a CROSS-OVER GM-03 for Classic S Strings.  When I design, I begin by determining the strings to be used, as well as the player's style.  The Classic S strings have a fine woven core wrapped in nylon.  The tension is similar to nylon strings.

This 5 piece laminated integral neck is built of mahogany, maple, and ebony.

Head veneer of Holly and Zircote, wiht a bevelled border.

Back and sides are Aged Cocobolo from the 1990's.  The top is master grade yellow cedar (or canadian cypress).

The sound goal was for a finger picking style with a richer bass response, fast attack, and good articulation through the full range of the 24 fret fingerboard.  The owner has been experimenting with different strings since he recieved it.