Timeless Instruments - Canadian Luthier David Freeman - Guitar Making School

To the Prairie Oasis of Lutherie. 

Swim long in the knowledge
Washed up four decades or more
Sooth your soul in subtle, succulent, sounds.
Your spirit rises as fingers roam,
strummed strings stimulate
Detailed wooden cavities,
Resolving in perfect cadence
Timeless Instruments sing.                      ~Poem by David Freeman~

NEW! This Summer! Bent Top Armrest and Soundboard Design Workshop

Featuring Sheldon Schwartz and David Freeman

July 20 - July 25, 2015
A six day workshop that will teach you about:

- Bending a curved arm rest into the top.
- Thicknessing the top, including graduation, voicing, and tuning.
- Soundhole placement, size, and shape.
- Bracing the top
- Shaping and voicing the braces and top

Come and learn from two masters and glean the wisdom of over 50 combined years of experience.


Thank you for coming to our website, there's a lot to see here but let us help you get started, if something isn't finished, please inquire (david@timelessinstruments.com) or check back later, we're working hard to make this site better all the time.

To find out how to build an acoustic guitar you can check out our Lutherie Training Courses or even Enroll Today

To buy or commission an instrument by David Freeman, check out our Instruments For Sale, or to view some amazing, handcrafted guitars head to our Multimedia Gallery

To buy lutherie supplies we have a whole new online store.  The menu on the left should help you find everything we have available.  If you can't find something you need then please email david@timelessinstruments.com as we do welcome customized orders; we'll do our very best to help you out.

Lastly, you can learn more about David Freeman and Timeless Instruments right here.

Our Facebook Group is a community of builders and musicians discusing all kinds of things related to the craft.  Please come and join the conversation

Our YouTube Channel has a collection of videos about Timeless Instruments.  You can learn about the school, or the guitars we have made, and even hear them being played.  There is also a very good video defining sound qualities to help you define what an instrument sounds like.

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Spring Special! Ends April 30th

Designed and Built by Mervin Davis


Click the picture to see more.

FEATURED GUITAR - Bentwood Top with Soundwedge

The first in a new series by David Freeman

Featuring the new Soundwedge with a Bentwood top and an offcet soundhole.