Jade Kauri Dreadnought

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Tribute to New Zealand ! Ancient Kauri from the bogs, Carved Jade from the rivers. Full sound from Timeless!






Can be played at the Best restoration shop in the Vancouver Area. Appointment only Book thru david@timelessinstruments.com

#218090     Top;Sitka spruce Bearclaw
B&S ; Ancient Kauri. ( new Zealand) with "Whitebait figure" super chatoyance.
Neck; Cherry   Fingerbd & Bridge Zircote
BuzzFeiten intonated. Strings work Harmonically together. balanced sound
Head stock; Carved NZ Jade "T"  Inset in a "T" cavity for light transparency.

Full dreadnought sound.

  • Bearclaw Sitka Spruce Top
  • Ancient New Zealand Kauri Back and Sides with White Bait on Waves Figure
  • Blue Paua Rosette
  • Cherry neck
  • Ancient Kauri Veneer with New Zealand Jade Timeless T Set. (the head is recessed behind the jade to backlight the stone.

This instrument is David's interpretation of New Zealand culture and is reflected in the features of the guitar.