This is a guitar built by David Freeman which has been retrofitted with and offcet soundhole soundboard

Offcet Soundhole series

The offcet soundhole was designed by David with the intent of getting 24 frets on the fretboard, it has come to be a series with some very pleasant effects on the projection of the guitar, both allowing the player greater volume of their own playing as well as moving the hand out of the way of the sound as it projects to the audience.  Many of these instruments are accompanied by a deep cutaway to allow the player easy access to two octaves of notes.

Master Engleman Monarch

Sunset Monarch 24 fret Offcet Cutaway

Tired of " Sunbursts" ,  I  hand rubbed/painted a Saskatchewan sunset landscape in aniline dye on a holly back. A first.  A true work of art for both the musician and the collector.
 Warning this guitar is LIGHT 3.25lbs, the dynamics are responsive to the most delicate player's gestures.

Steel String HR24-C

Golden Eagle

Spectrum of coloration, long sustain, strong attack, good articulation maintaining the dreadnought blend when chording
Cutaway access 24 frets
BuzzFeitan intonation  
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An exceptional Deal.