Bucci Bridge pins are precisely machined so the taper is a consistent .210" to .170" taper. Water Buffalo Bone is used, sometimes dyed black.  Special orders of Fossilized Mammoth tusk and Fossilized Walrus tusk may be available, on request. These pins are reputed to enhance the tone of your instrument. PolyAcoustic is a proprietary material that is comparable to bone and has a speckled grey appearance. Price of Bucci pins is $60. USA so will vary with each shipment due to the exchange rate at time of shipping !

Fire red opal on a black Bone pin

Dyed black Water Buffalo bone with a striking Fire Red Opal dot! .210" to .170 taper  

Black pin with green blue opal dot

Dyed bone Black, with opal dot of Green Blue. !.210" to .170 " taper

PolyAcoustic pin whti Green opal dot

PolyAcoustic material density responds like bone Yet has the speckled Grey texture.  .210" to .170 taper

Black bone with sky blue opal

Dyed black bone with a sky blue dot of opal . .210" to .170 taper

Black bone with deep Blue opal SOLD

Dyed black bone with dark and lite blue opal. >210" to .170" taper

White Bone with Abalone dot SOLD !

White Water Buffalo Bone with Abalone dot .>210" to .170 taper

Dyed Bone with Lighter opal dot

Water Buffalo Bone dyed black with a white colored opal dot.

 >210" to .170 taper

Poly Acoustic with Varied color opal SOLD !


PolyAcoustic material Has  Density similar to Bone . It enhances your tone in the same way . >210" to.170" taper

White bone with Opal dot

Water Buffalo bone with varied color opal . Tapers .210' to .170"

Ebony Bridge pins with MOP dot

Black ebony with 3mm MOP dot $4.50 each or 6 for $27.

Ebony bridge pins with Abalone dot.

Black ebony with a 3 mm abalone dot 3.00 each or set of 6 for $18.

Ebony bridge pins

set of six is $7.50  Black ebony bridge pins